Check out the Western Horseman Magazine (March 2005 pp 31-40 "The Martin Trademark") to hear what the Martin family, 2-time winners of the World Championship Ranch Rodeo are saying about our horses.

"the {Martin} horses come from four primary suppliers: Don Proffit, Evanston; Cliff Castagno, Grantsville, Utah; Lynn and Dean Kirkman, Ogden, Utah; and Dennis Rasmussen, Corinne, Utah." "According to Aaron, he wanted to improve his sons' horsemanship, so the entire family turned to family friend and admirable horseman, Don Proffit and others for advice. 'In the 1970's, Don was a teacher in Nevada, and brought some Great Basin buckaroos; horse-handling techniques and the gentle methods of the Dorrance brothers to this area,' Aaron notes. 'We had basic horse-handling knowledge, but he's really influenced our training program and sparked our interest in learning new methods and improving our horsemanship'" "Strong feet and plenty of bone are key elements the Martins look for in ranch horses. 'We start at the feet and look up to see if the bones line up right. We rope everything, so our horses must be stout with good feet and legs.' Aaron adds that the horses must be 'sensible enough to be trainable.' 'We like athletic working cow horses with a lot of rate and turn to work a cow. They've got to have that sting,' he continues"

Western Horseman March 2005 pp. 35-36